Kids Party Invitations


Party invitations are a key element in ensuring your event starts off on the right foot.

Personalised party invitation

By getting professionally printed or home printed party invitations, you can make sure your party becomes very special. It is a small simple step and can make a big impact to the party.


Party invitation tip – Magnetic Tape

We all know how chaotic life can feel sometimes. Make it easy for your guests and attach some magnetic tape to the back of your party invitations before handing them out. You can then rest assured that your party won’t be forgotten with the party invitation on their fridge!


Facebook invite

Utilising social media to promote your event is a great way to ensure it’s even more convenient for your guests to remember all of the important details of your event. They can even navigate their way to your party using maps from the Facebook event.

Our full colour, printable PDF party invitations are easy to print and share.  There are two invites per A4 page.


After the party send your guests and friends a thank you cards with a fun image. Kids party thank you cards create the perfect experience.


Download preffered invitation