When is the best time for Kidz go Krazy to arrive?

We recommend that the best time for Kidz go Krazy to arrive is after all of the guests are due to turn up. This will ensure that all of the children have had a chance to settle in and that they are all present and ready to begin when the entertainers arrive. Of course, if the thought of a venue full of children with no entertainment seems daunting, you may want to book Kidz go Krazy to arrive at the beginning of the party. In this case, we will usually begin with face painting so that the late comers don’t miss out on any of the fun!

How early will the entertainers arrive?

The hosts will arrive 5-10 minutes prior to ensure that all the equipment is set up in time for when the entertainers are due to begin.

When is the best time for me to serve the food?

The decision is yours! Kidz go Krazy will work around your schedule! We do however recommend that you feed the children before Kidz go Krazy arrive, so that they are filled with energy for all the fun games and activities. We will stop for drink breaks throughout the party to ensure that the children are kept hydrated.

When should I bring out the cake?

The best time to bring the cake out is usually at the end of the party when Kidz go Krazy are packing up. Of course if you would prefer, Kidz go Krazy can round up the troops and take control of the cutting of the cake for you.

What else do I need to provide?

Kidz go Krazy will fulfill all of your entertainment needs from music to prizes. The only thing we will require is a source of power for the stereo system. Please notify us if we will need to bring an extension cord. If there will not be a power source available to us, you will just need to inform us and we will arrange to bring batteries for the stereo on the day. Other than that, all you will need to provide is the party food and drink, birthday cake and take home goodies if you wish. If goody boxes seem like too much work, we can save you the hassle and provide these too. Please see our Krazy Extras for more information on what else we can organise for you.

Do you bring music/stereo/equipment?

The Kidz go Krazy Krew will arrive fully equipped with everything they need to get your party pumping, including a stereo and all the latest music, even your child’s favourite songs on request. Please take advantage of our free krazy extras when you book, for other exciting ideas such as Disco Lights and Karaoke.

Where is the best place to have the party?

Kidz go Krazy will adapt to your party destination. Whether it be at home, in a park or in a hall. This is your chance to be creative! In our experience we have learned that different locations suit different themes. You could have a magical forest fairy party in your back yard amongst the flowers and trees, a pumping disco in your garage or local hall or even an adventure in the park with a pirate. There are no limits with Kidz go Krazy! However, it is always important for you to consider the amount of children before deciding on a location, for example 30 children in your living room may be a little squishy!.

What happens if we have a party in my backyard and it rains?

The Kidz go Krazy Krew are very flexible and if you plan to have your party in your backyard and it rains, we recommend that you clear a space indoors for us to work in. Of course if indoor space is limited, you don not have to worry! Our hostesses always come prepared with plenty of indoor games and dances that will ensure that all of the children will still have loads of fun!.

What if I had planned to have the party in the park and it rains?

Some parks have covered areas or halls that may be suitable for us to work in, in the event of rain. However, if these are not available, we always recommend that you have an alternative party venue ready as a back up.

When and how should I pay Kidz go Krazy?

We ask that the remaining balance is paid to the hostesses, in cash or cheque, on the day of the party. Please consider that your hostesses may have another party to get to after yours. In saying this, we ask that you kindly ensure that the correct money has been given to the hostesses before they finish. This will also give you the opportunity to farewell your guests without having to worry about payment.