Kids love fantasy – it’s such a great way for them to explore their imagination and all of its possibilities. We have a range of characters to help them do this for their next party!


A party in Wonderland

If your child is curiouser and curiouser, Alice in Wonderland or the Mad Hatter are the perfect hosts to come along to sing a big happy birthday (and perhaps a very happy un-birthday to their guests!) as well as host some singing, dancing, games and activities for all of the children to enjoy.


Smurfs, Star Wars or Toy Story?

For those who love the little blue creatures of Smurf village, we have the delightfully dainty Smurfette, or if a rebellious princess spy who loves space missions is more their style, we can send Princess Leia from Star Wars to take charge of the party. Toy Story fan? Invite Jessie the Cowgirl and her cowgirl boots & pigtails!


Our own crazy characters

We also have our own delightful characters, Marina the Mermaid, Krazy Clown & Lolli the Clown who bring their own adventurous fun to any party.

What happens at the party?

All of our character hosts run high-energy dance-based games, singing, activities and games as well as providing bubbles, prizes and more, ensuring that every child is included and has plenty of fun!


Book your party with us!

If you’re in Sydney and wish to fulfill your child’s fantasy for their next party, get in touch with us

Characters available

  • Jessie the Cowgirl
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Mad Female Hatter
  • Smurfette
  • Princess Leia
  • Marian the Mermaid
  • Lolli the Clown
  • Krazy Clown
  • Jungle Safari Explorer
  • Twilight Sparkles