Nickname: Taz

When I’m not entertaining children, I’m

Studying full time to become a Dance and Sports Teacher, as well as nannying 3 children and teaching dance.

Favourite character to perform

I love being a princess, any princess! But also Barbie. I loved Barbie and all of the princesses when I was younger, so to be able to perform as them now and see the magic in the children’s eyes, is a dream come true!

Best thing about entertaining children

Bringing smiles to the children’s faces and making them feel special, getting to have fun and play games all the time, but most of all, I just love the magic we create when the kids truly believe you’re the real character.

Favourite game

Ohhh I love all of them, but it would have to be LIMBO! Everyone joins in and has a go, and we have so much fun with it!

Favourite all time kids party song

Call me Maybe. A great high energy song to get everyone excited. Plus we have an awesome dance to it which I love!

5 words to sum out how you feel about being a kids party entertainer


Any other interesting facts about yourself

I LOVE ice cream!

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