Nickname: Shnay Shnay

When I’m not entertaining children, I’m

Studying at Uni, swimming, dancing and teaching dancing.

Favourite character to perform

Disco Diva because I love wearing the sparkly dress, white boots, and making my hair crazy!! It totally puts you in the mood to dance and be KRAZY!

Best thing about entertaining children

The excitement on the children’s faces when they see their favourite character!

Favourite game

I love musical dots because as a kid my favourite game was musical chairs and musical dots is exactly like musical chairs! It’s also a competition and I love competitions!

Favourite all time kids party song:

I love my Hi -5 songs because I’ve always wanted to be in Hi -5 and I know all the actions and songs off by heart!

5 words to sum out how you feel about being a kids party entertainer


Any other interesting facts about yourself?

I tell the best jokes…

“Why are pirates called pirates?… Because they ARRRRRR”

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