Nickname: M

When I’m not entertaining children, I’m

Running Kidz go Krazy and Club Kids Earlwood. Disco dancing with my 2 year old son Jonathan! He loves the Wiggles as much as I do!

Favourite character to perform

Explorer shows are my absolute favourite. Especially when my friends Monkey & Fox join in on the fun. Disco diva is also one of my favourite themes. I love rocking it out KRAZY STYLE on the dance floor.

Best thing about entertaining children

When they tell me it’s the best party they have ever had! I love seeing the happiness in their faces. I love that I get to be part of every child’s most favourite day of the year.

Favourite game

I have 2, Musical bops & Limbo!

Favourite all time kids party song:

Hey Baby by DJ Otzi

5 words to sum out how you feel about being a kids party entertainer

I’ll give you 10! Lucky, Blessed, Happy, Excited, Thrilled, Pumped, Always Happy, Special, Keen, KRAZY!

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