Nickname: E

When I’m not entertaining children, I’m

Hanging out with my 1 year old baby boy & husband, coordinating KGK parties and running Club Kids Playhouse & Café Earlwood.

Favourite character to perform

Fairy Sparkle. I love telling stories from Fairyland and I especially love having an excuse to pack on the glitter and wear pretty wings!

Best thing about entertaining children

The look of awe and excitement in their eyes when you arrive at an event.

Favourite game

I love them all but the beach ball games at large events would have to be my favourite! Anything to get the kidz going krazy!

Favourite all time kids party song:

‘So What’ by Pink. It’s an oldie but a goodie and always gets the children yelling, screaming and going KRAZY!! I also love a good bit of ‘Wiggles’ for the younger bunch.

5 words to sum out how you feel about being a kids party entertainer

lucky, privileged, always having fun!

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